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Welcome to all staff nurses who need to revalidate their registrations. At Eagles Recruitments Limited we are aware you are an important part of what we do and that revalidation can be a daunting time. This is the reason we would like to ensure you when it is revalidation time, we will be with you every step of the way. We have put in place excellent clinical support practices to help you achieve this important goal.

For nurses, we will be publishing updates, news and guides from NMC on this website. You will also be given the choice to receive relevant information via emails to help make the process easier. To improve the revalidation support service, we continuously work to put the right environment in place. We do so by listening to what you have to say regarding the whole process, be it professional support, training or supervision.

Annual appraisal and supervision

Appraisals and supervision are an important part of ensuring the quality of service we provide our clients. In light of this, staff at Eagles Recruitments Limited will receive regular appraisals to support continued professional development. In some cases supervision will be arranged to address practice concerns and confidence building.


All staff due to revalidate are free to consider our in-house support by contacting the Service Manager on: 07526 321 236. 

The important thing is not to leave your revalidation at the last day.

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