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  • How long does it take to register with Eagles Recruitments Limited?
    As soon as all completed documents are received, our simplified registration process will take about 7 working days to be completed.
  • Is uniform provided?
    Eagles Recruitments Limited provides a set of one uniform and a badge after completing your registration. However, additional uniforms will be supplied but at much subsidised cost which can deducted from your first pay.
  • Is training provided?
    All staff will be provided with mandatory and practical training relevant to their roles before they are assigned with shifts. We pride ourselves with experienced trainers who have vast working experience in healthcare and social settings.
  • What are the pay rates like?
    At Eagles Recruitments Limited we provide the most competitive rates that also help attract as many clients to work with you. This means our rates will also depend on the client you work for and whether it is a day or night shift. We will try to be fair by providing you the rates before you are booked for the shift.
  • What method of payment is used?
    All workers are paid through PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system, which means Umbrella and Limited Companies are not necessary to set up.
  • Am I paid weekly or monthly?
    We pride ourselves in providing you the choice of getting paid weekly or monthly.
  • How are timesheets submitted?
    Until we have put in place a mobile app for completing timesheets, we are using paper timesheets at the present moment. However, getting your timesheets is still fairly easy and quick. All you need to do is complete your timesheet, get it signed by the shift leader, take a picture of it and sent it by WhatsApp to Payroll: 07526 321 235
  • How do I get shifts?
    As soon as you are have been passed-ready to start picking shifts, the Shifts Co-ordinator will get your availability and areas you would like to work and then you will be contacted as shifts come in.
  • When do I work and how often?
    One of the advantage of working with Eagles Recruitment Limited is to choose when you would like to work and how often. You can choose to work full time (which is 37.5 hours per week) or for personal reasons part time. You can choose to work long day shifts or half day shifts (i.e. either an early or late shift) or night shifts. Eagles Recruitments Limited allows you to live your life the way you want.
  • Where can I work?
    Eagles Recruitments Limited will continue to widen your choice of work place by offering competitive rates to clients that are also fair on our staff. At present you can choose from the following areas: NHS Trusts – i.e. hospitals, Prisons, Care homes, Residential homes, Domiciliary care (which is care at home), Housing support
  • What are Eagles Recruitments Limited’s office hours?
    Our office hours are 08:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs, Monday to Friday. However, we have The Support Team on standby 24/7 to support you if you need help. Support Team number is found on Contact Us
  • What if I am not able to go for my shift?
    There are so many reasons or circumstances that can stop you from attending your booked shift. The key to such a situation is to notify The Support Team as soon as possible to allow them to find suitable replacement. Whilst Eagles Recruitments Limited aim to provide excellent service to our clients, we understand we also have the duty to care for our staff and this is why we understand that sometimes it is unavoidable to cancel a shift. However, at Eagles Recruitments Limited, management of cancellation of shifts is a key performance indicator we monitor closely and constantly. Frequent cancellations may trigger investigations, affect your appraisal and the number of shifts you will subsequently be allocated from thereon. Frequent cancellations are bad for our clients and are bad for you and other staff members.
  • What if my question has not been addressed here?
    If you feel you still have a question unanswered, do not hesitate to get in touch with anyone from the team on the following numbers: 07526 321 233 or 07526 321 236.
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