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Why Choose Us

We guarantee high quality service to clients firmly believing our ethical human resources management practices is the corner stone to successful staff recruitment and retention.


We treat our staff with fairness, respect and transparency throughout the application and assignment processes and we’ll help them find a place to settle and grow their skills.

We want to support you every step of the way throughout your career. Eagles Recruitment Agency trains and develop care, support and nursing staff in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

We’ll find the right place for you to settle into and grow your skills, and the Eagles Recruitment Agency team will make sure that you feel comfortable and supported

We ensure that all of our candidates are treated with fairness, respect and transparency throughout the application process.

We understand the importance of qualified, reliable, and compassionate staff to support our clients' needs. We pride ourselves on our high availability of care workers and nurses when you need them most.

We embrace a core set of values that are ingrained in our company to help us deliver outstanding service to our clients. They demonstrate who we are and what you can expect from us.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

At Eagles Recruitments Limited we are committed to providing a
positive experience for our clients and staff.


Nurse with Patient

Our Objectives​

To deliver quality care based on the needs of Clients

To treat all Clients equally whilst valuing their differences and respecting their human rights

To protect Clients from all forms of abuse whilst respecting their decisions

To provide access to information through a range of formats and aids, including advocates where required

To involve Clients in decision making by seeking their feedback from complaints, compliments and ideas to improve the service

To ensure the right staff are supporting Clients by maintaining and improving their skills through the right training at the right time

To  respond to incident promptly and learn from incidents through established systems

To deliver the right service in line with contractual agreements with our clients

To treat Clients with dignity and respect

Our Objectives

What makes us different

Extensive recruitment resources to find the best candidates. We offer rigorous, in-house recruitment and mandatory training to prepare our staff for their jobs

A team of experienced recruiters who specialise in healthcare, support services, home care and hospitality staffing. We supply staff on routine, ad-hoc, and emergency cover

A commitment to matching each client with the perfect candidate every time. We have high availability of care workers and nurses. We are competitively priced 

Access to a wide range of registered nurses, healthcare assistants, carers, support workers and hospitality staff. We work as a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds

A reputation for excellence and expertise in the staffing industry. We are local to you, open 7 days a week, and have on-call service in case of an emergency 

Explore our health and social care services

Care at home

We offer a unique service of personalised care options from check-in visits to full live-in support.

Housing support

We provide housing related support to people with disabilities.

Live in service

We’ll provide an experienced, fully trained and friendly Support Worker. 

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